Welcome Friends!

My name is Elyse Burns-Hill and you have landed on my website! I am always learning and reading in order to improve myself, and as it is in my nature to help others, I thought I would share this knowledge and experience through my website. Feel free to question and comment on anything I say, nothing I say is THE answer, so some debate and dialogue is very welcome! (although please keep things civil – there’s no need to be nasty to me or other readers.

A little about me:

I am currently training to be an accountant by studying the ACCA qualification. I work full time at a mid-size accountancy firm on the island of Jersey (just off the coast of France), which is my new home as of early 2011. My studies take up a significant amount of time outside of work as I take 4 exams per year, although with this timetable, I will be due to qualify around September 2014.

ACCA have also recently contacted me to ask that I be a student blogger for them, so my first article will be going live shortly. If you would like to keep up with my ACCA blog, please follow my Facebook page (see link in the sidebar).

As if I don’t have enough study to do, I also love spending time doing photography. I enjoy learning about and using new photography equipment as well as the art form of photography. I learn more every time I have an opportunity to play, which admittedly isn’t very often! I do have a website for my photography, but I haven’t really posted anything yet. When I do, I’ll put the link here!

I am a complete technology geek. It has to be said! I love just about anything Apple related and talk to me about any kind of photographic technology and you have my full attention. However, where my passion lies is actually more to do with green/environmental tech. Any kind of gadget or tech that will save or recycle energy, or use energy in a more efficient way; I’m interested in. My particular interests lie with electric vehicles and renewable energy. I write about this subject at (yes, yet another website!) elysianislandtech.com.

Outside of work, I am an avid scuba diver (I wrote several articles on diving while I was living in Malta, which I have included on this site for old times sake!). I am keen to take my scuba diving to the next level, as I probably have the experience and knowledge of a diver with a few more qualifications than I have.

When I was at school, I participated in a Combined Cadet Force – Army section, which looking back on the experience, I realised how much I developed as a person. I wanted to pass that on to the next generation, so I signed up to the Army Cadet Force as an adult volunteer. I completed the training in 2013 so I am now Sgt Burns-Hill! I love working with the children and the other adults.

I also love to read and write. I write a lot of different types of writing from in-depth articles, to a novel I have been working on for years, to my journal. I read almost constantly – I read ebooks on my iPad, articles and other writings online, and of course real life physical books (I’d love to have my own library!).

Occasionally I have time to sleep! :D