About Elyse

Elyse Burns-Hill

Elyse Burns-Hill

Pathway to the Present

I’ve always had in interest in business, having been planning my future business empire since I was about 7 (it started with a big veterinary practice that specialised in cats, dogs and horses – my favourite animals!). Since then I have become a little more realistic in my goals, but the business interest has never waned.

I started working with websites and marketing in 2001, starting out with basic HTML websites and building up from there. Learning technical skills and marketing skills as I went, and self teaching theory and background concepts by reading books, websites and tutorials. My goal is to supplement and reinforce this learning with some formal qualifications.

In 2010, I decided that my strongest move would be to get myself financially knowledgeable and experienced, as finance is the foundation of business. My financial training has been a little more formal as I work towards an accountancy qualification.

For more than 3 years, I worked in a medium size Accountancy Practice in Jersey, primarily in the audit department, but I also did some accounts prep during that time.

For the next two years I worked for myself doing bookkeeping for several different types of clients in order to get out into ‘real’ business and see how people worked in live business situations. I learned a lot during this period, both in terms of real world business and technically (having the opportunity to do the day to day bookkeeping – the step before the Accounts prep that I performed in Practice).

2016 brought about my return to a practice environment, partly because I believe I was ready to learn more about different aspects of Accountancy, and partly because I found it lonely working for myself, with no other Accountants and colleagues to bounce ideas off or get guidance from.

What Elyse Does…

Elyse & Isabelle
I’m a mummy to a beautiful little lady (born 2016) called Isabelle, and two darling little Springer Spaniels; Sammie and Tilly, so that keeps my hands pretty full when I’m not working!

Most of my working time, I am wearing my Accountant’s Hat at HWB Accountants. We are one of the regions largest independent firms of Chartered Accountants based in Chandlers Ford, near Southampton. We offer a wide range of services and tailor make our solutions to clients based on their needs and wants.

I am also an AVON Representative, which I run under the name of Life of Elegance. I enjoy the business aspect of running this, as well as the freebies and discounts I can get for myself and others. Plus I think AVON products are awesome!

I help my partner with his business, CarpeVita Therapies. Patrick is a Clinical Psychologist who brings clinical psychology, positive psychology and coaching psychology together in his approach to working with people. It’s really quite clever! 🙂

I also help my mum with her business, Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill is a Hormone Health Specialist who works with men and women all over the world with their hormonally based problems, including fertility, thyroid and menopause (and many more!).

My Strengths

My top strengths are teamwork, leadership, fairness and perspective. In English, this means that I am loyal to my team, am able to encourage a good group dynamic by leading it successfully, have strong notions of fairness and justice and have ways of looking at the world that make sense to myself and others, enabling me to provide wise counsel (which apparently I have once or twice!).

I am also willing and keen to learn new skill sets, and assimilating and accommodating new information. I learn best by seeing and doing, so my learning approach is very hands on. My teaching style also plays on this, as I try to make my training very interactive, visual and kinaesthetic.

Now, stop reading about me and go do something useful!